Reinventing the Charging Cord

No more breaking cords, no more worn out ports, no more loose connection, no more socket repair needed! With MagnifiCord 540° you gain maximum convenience when simultaneously using and charging your phone + long life expectancy for your cable and cellphone:

✔️ Handy charging while gaming and watching video.

✔️ One hand operation - Drive safe! Connect your phone to the charger while your other hand stays on the steering wheel.

✔️Power magnet connection - MagnifiCord is getting magnetized to your phone's socket from about an inch distance. Without abrasion, without wear, ensuring continuous & stable charging, and long cable life!

✔️ High-quality Long-lasting cord – made of reinforced tinned copper and 7-cord core.

✔️ Led light indicator - Easily find your charging phone in the dark... And find it cool in daylight.

✔️ 30,000 charging cycles. Charging cables for the old generation die after 5,000 cycles.

✔️ Gain more confidence in your purchase – Get a year warranty.


Pick a plug compatible with your cellphone and buy confidently the best & coolest charging cord there is!

MagnifiCord 540° Hammer-Head

  •  Brand Name:  MagnifiCord 

    Global identifier: CX0451-f

    Model: Hammer-Head 540°

    Unique feature: – All around rotation 360° + 180°


    - Length: 3.28 ft = 1 m.  6.56 ft = 2 m.

    - Current: 2.4A - Fast Charging

    - Connector compatibility: Micro USB, Type-C, iPhone.

    Not sure what connector you need?

    Compare your current connector to the picture above.

    Still not sure? Contact us and tell us what cell phone you need a plug for.

    - Color: Black / Red / Silver

    - Led light power indicator


    - Package include: Magnetic Cable + Magnetic Plug