A Brief History of our business

Peter Pan Cool Stuff was established on Jan 2016, in order to approach the American market with the concept: "Stuff for life. The cool life".

5 years earlier

Nadav Drori (me) said goodbye to 18 years of copywriting career in the advertising industry in Israel and established his own business.


In addition to being a bountiful idea generator, I’ve always been a creative perfectionist handy man, who perceives lacks in products and upgrade them in my own hands.

The new business was (and still is) leaning on those capabilities, which means taking products and giving them an X factor, no one have thought of before, making users experience either more comfortable, more esthetical, more awesome or all three.


The business, named Peter pan Patents, destined for the Israeli market, under the title "Inspiring stuff giving you reasons to smile".

Products like Star of David frisbee, Boom Flag (a folding hand flag making acoustic booms) and *Western wall magnetic notes holder, have made Peter pan Patents a well-established business.

(*The Western wall is an ancient holy site in Jerusalem, attracts people of all religions worldwide, to fulfill an old custom - putting wishing notes between the wall’s bricks.)


The success and a "treasure" of universal ideas gave birth to Peter Pan Cool Stuff on Amazon.

Back to present time - 

to a different business model

While the business model of mega sellers on Amazon is based on mass variety, Peter Pan Cool Stuff puts emphasis on several principles that have been proven to achieve happy, very happy returning customers:


1- Quality

2- Innovation

3- Better product functionality

4- Trustworthy listing: true facts, accurate details, no manipulations (some people say we’re not attached to nowadays business reality. So, they say!)

5- Reasonable and fair price

6- Super service – you get the service we’d like to get as buyers. In other words, you get what you pay for. All promises are fulfilled. If something goes wrong, we do immediately whatever it takes to make it right until you’re 100% satisfied.

All-Around acrylic sign holder, modifiable to most sign holder formats –

made to meet your changing needs.

The Wipe House hygienic tissue box cover with detachable garden for used tissues –

No rush to trash, no more used tissues everywhere at home and in your pockets.

Micro Herb grinder – Professional tool with a rare design of herb under microscope print on the exterior.

 Exclusively on Amazon:

That's our story

and we're sticking to it!

To be continued…